Advanced Git Slides

Here are the slide from my Advanced Git talk: Advanced Git View more presentations from segv.

php-trunk macport

macports is a widely used ports system for Mac OS. It’s repository contains hundreds of application that can be compiled and installed. The repository contains php 5.3. So if you want to run PHP from subversion you still have to compile it yourself and install it yourself outside your managed ports environment. I created a […]

PHP 5.3.99-dev and DTrace Part I

For those not following the PHP development. We backported the DTraces probes from the abandoned PHP 6.0 branch, back to the new trunk PHP 5.3.99-dev. It is called 5.3.99 because the PHP dev community has not decided yet on a version number (5.4 or 6.0). To compile PHP with DTrace, on Solaris or Mac OS […]

Dealing with Sessions in Compojure

The blog post gives you a short introduction into the session management of Compojure.


I really enjoy giving talks. This is particularly because I like to teach people something and because I’m really enthusiastic about the technical things I talk about. Once of these things are obviously decentralized version control system, in particular Git and Mercurial. Finally after two years of submitting talks to various conferences, people and conferences […]

Clojure, and it’s not a typo.

Why lisp can be sooooo sweet. A clojure class extending java. compile it (set! *compile-path* “build”) (compile ‘net.experimentalworks.clojure.outdegree) Ah yeah and hsv2rgb transformation:

Writing a simple PHP sourcecode buildscript in Scala

Scala is a fascinating language. Running on the Java VM, Scala offers a powerful mixture from both the imperative Java world and functional programming including modern techniques like Actors. Personally I prefer to not just learn programming languages, but also try them out while reading through the book. As I wanted to have nice a […]

Show exit status of the last executed command in ZSH prompt

We recently stumbled over the problem that we want to know the exit status of the last command that was executed in our ZSH. Well the obvious thing is echoing $?, but as we need this quite often we want to have it in our right prompt. Googling around a little bit, we found the […]

Writing a hg to subversion gate

Using a decentralized version control system (DVCS) like Mercurial (hg) or Git as a client for Subversion is very common. With the unique features of a DVCS a developer can have both the features of offline development and local branching while still being able to push to a subversion server. This approach is often used […]

Moving to a new server

I’m currently moving my blog and everything on experimentalworks to a new server. The new server is running latest OpenSolaris with all the fancy stuff in it. Enjoy.